Section 8 Voucher

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

As funds become available, the next applicant on the waiting list is contacted and after the applicant is certified eligible for the program, a Housing Choice Voucher is issued. The voucher holder is responsible for locating their own housing and must meet the program’s guidelines to receive assistance. The unit must be inspected and meet HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. There is a maximum amount of rent subsidy that will paid on behalf of the tenant each month. It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the difference between the subsidy amount and the contract rent.

Income Limits

Your income must be BELOW the income limit for the amount of people in the household in order to qualify.

1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people
$35,900 $41,000 $46,150 $51,250 $55,350 $59,450 $63,550 $67,650

Payment Standards

# of Bedrooms Brown Day Marshall McPherson Roberts


$613 $613 $613 $613
1 $751 $710 $760 $689 $771
2 $960 $905 $905 $905 $905
3 $1353 $1177 $1268 $1275 $1220
4 $1629 $1454 $1454 $1454 $1529
5 $1873 $1672 $1672 $1672 $1758

How to Apply

To apply for an Aberdeen Housing Authority Program please click on the Pre-Application you would like below.  Once finished, you will be given a confirmation number and that is the verification that the pre-application has been submitted for approval.

English Pre-Application

Spanish Pre-Application

An applicant will be Denied if:

*You owe money to AHA or another public housing authority.

*A household member has been convicted of certain criminal activity.

Waiting List Information

All new applicants must fill out the Aberdeen Housing Authority’s

application. After the entire application is filled out and the proper

information is turned in, the new applicant is placed on the chosen

program’s waiting list. This is a first come, first serve basis depending

on individual qualifications. The applicant will be mailed a letter stating

that they have reached the top of the waiting list when his or her turn has

arrived. All waiting lists vary and the AHA can not predict how long it

will be before a unit or funding is available.

Applicant Responsibilities

After you have completed an application and have been placed on the waiting list, it is your responsibility to notify the office if:

  • Your mailing address changes; or
  • Your family size changes; or
  • You no longer wish to be on the Aberdeen Housing Authority waiting list.

       NOTE: If AHA correspondence is returned because of an incorrect address, your application will be removed from

       our waiting list and you will need to reapply.